Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017
Lit Crawl Chicago takes over Andersonville for one night only of live, literary performances and things to do.

The full schedule is live!

7pm to 8pm

Rust Belt Chicago reading and pub quiz at Hopleaf
Join Belt Publishing editor Martha Bayne, book designer Sheila Sachs, and contributors Paul Dailing and Mark Guarino to test your knowledge of Chicago and the Rust Belt. Short readings from Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology will be followed by a round of trivia, with prizes for the winners!

Sappho’s Salon at Women and Children First
Enjoy a Sappho's sampler at Lit Crawl, with veteran performers including Elliot Besmann, Rachel Simon, Ada Cheng, and more. As always, your delightful hosts are Eileen Tull and Liz Baudler.

Wit Rabbit at Simon’s
This long-running intergenre reading series, a Chicago favorite, goes bar-hopping.

Here, Chicago at The Neo-Futurists Theater
Here Chicago Storytelling Show & Potluck is a beloved Chicago live-lit event that's been playing to sold-out theaters for over 5 years. People with many perspectives & experiences listen and share, and all our stories are told live and page-free. At Lit Crawl, we'll be featuring some of our audience's favorite storytellers from the year.

8:15 to 9:15pm

Miss Spoken at Early to Bed
This acclaimed, lady-centric live lit performance will take place in one of the city’s most beloved sex-positive sex stores.

“Dear Mary Louise Parker” presented by Mannabel at Hopleaf
Sometime after the dawn of the new millennium before the dawn of the nuva-ring, two pubescent artists penned a fan letter to Mary Louise Parker. Join them ten years later to help carry the message forward so somehow, someday it gets to MLP.

The Best Books of 2017 (so far) at Women and Children First
Women & Children First will partner with Chicago Review of Books for an author panel moderated by Adam Morgan entitled "The Best Books of 2017 (so far)"! The authors recommending their favorite books of the year include: Rebecca Makkai, Juan Martinez, Megan Stielstra, Lindsay Hunter, and Jessica Chiarella

Drinkers With Writing Problems at Simon’s
The show is the best libation for the two fisted reader. Drinkers with Writing Problems is a writing collective formed in 2012 where we focus on a variety of writing styles.

The Neo-Futurists at The Neo-Futurists Theater
This legendary collective of wildly productive writer/director/performers brings you something new.


I Surrender! Just Kidding! At Hopleaf
Join Molly Brennan (Neo-Futurists, The Inconvenience’s The Fly Honey Show, The Goodman’s A Christmas Carol); Lisa Buscani (Neo-Futurists, National Poetry Slam Champion, Paper Machete, The Big Goddess), Malic White (Neo-Futurists and The Fly Honey Show) and Josh Zagoren (Paper Machete’s Chad the Bird) as they fall down and fight back in a world that demands submission.

The Stoop and Friends at Simon’s
Raw, off-book, storytelling with some badass Chicagoans. More about us at TheStoop.Us.

Muffy Fishbasket's Story time with Drag Queens at Women and Children First
Back by popular demand, Muffy Fishbasket's Story time with Drag Queens! This time around, the Queens will be reading Bedtime Stories for Adults—things may get a little naughty.

Meekling TALKS at The Neo-Futurists Theater
Fictional lectures for lifetime learners and people who want to KNOW, regardless of the facts. Dr. C. Relkbi (AKA Rebecca Nakaba) will be discussing her scientific research on B-Movies, possibly addressing such questions as: do swamp habitats alter a monster's genetic makeup, thereby making it even more monstrous? The art critic Matthew Lacker will be presenting on the work of artist Gabriel Kendra, talking in particular about Kendra's Ten-Second Sculptures.

MAKE magazine & Danny's Reading Series by Joel Craig at The Neo-Futurists State Park
The always-popular Danny’s Reading Series, founded in 2001, features the best poets and writers from Chicago and abroad.


Call Me Ishmael

A phone that helps you discover great books, created via a Kickstarter in 2015. Find it somewhere along the crawl.

And, last but not least, beer from Metropolitan Brewing.

Here’s where to find us:

Women and Children First: 5233 N Clark St

Early to Bed: 5044 N Clark St

The Neo-Futurists: 5153 N Ashland Ave

Hopleaf: 5148 N Clark St

Simon's: 5210 N Clark St

Sponsored by Women and Children First, The American Writers Museum, and The Neo-Futurists, in partnership with San Franscisco’s Lit Quake.

Lit Crawl 2016 - Photos by Oriana Photography

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